Go Green Medium Lunch Box – Purple


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Go Green Medium Lunch Box


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Go Green is one of the leading lunchbox brands on the market. With it’s durability and turn ‘n lock technology, it is unique in the marketplace.

Lunch Box:

The Medium Go Green Lunch Box features four-compartments which are generous in size. They are perfect for older children or big eaters.

The turn ‘n lock technology ensures food stays fresh, with silicone bands around each compartment to ensure a secure leak-proof seal for all four sections. The lunch box fits perfect inside most lunch bags. The lunch box is made of polypropylene, rubber and silicone. The clips on each side are made from silicone to ensure the lunch box lasts for years. Measuring approx. 23.5 x 19 x 7 cm and a capacity of 6 1/3 cups.

The most popular ice pack to accompany the Go Green is the Montii Co Ice Pack. The Montii Co icepacks are still partially frozen at school pickup here in Perth even in summer.


The lunch box base is top shelf dishwasher safe (on normal heat settings not high), the lid is recommended to be hand washed so the heat from the dishwasher doesn’t effect the rubber hinges. If the lid is washed in the dishwasher the expected life is up to 12 months only. Lids can be purchased separate if you choose to dishwasher your full lunch box.

Please note: Bento lunch boxes which are ‘leakproof’ are only leakproof for thicker yogurts, custard, purees and dips.  No leakproof lunchbox on the market is water tight or suited to runny or watery liquids.  If you wish to pack runny liquids, we suggest a reusable pouch or a condiments container.


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